Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Parochial Schools Offer Top Quality Education And Opportunities

When one looks at the public school system one cannot help but wonder why they have not improved in the last fifty years or so, given the fact that they receive more financial assistance than ever before. However, one only has to look back into the past to see that the public school system has not improved. For instance, in 1930 they had a literacy rate of almost 90%, and they spent $876 making that happen. Today, as recently as in 2003, $7,000 was spent on each child. One would expect that the literacy rate would be just as high as it was in the 1930s, but in reality, it was as low as 50% in some schools. Something is clearly very wrong with the public education system.

It is news like this that convinces many parents to choose to send their child to one of the many private schools in the country. Let's face it; we need to ensure that our child has every advantage possible so as to be able to succeed. For those who are Catholic, Catholic schools are the obvious choice. These kinds of private schools are doing an excellent job of providing children with top quality education and great opportunities. Many private schools are also affiliated with some of the top colleges in the country, including the Ivy League ones, and so act as stepping-stones for the students that attend them.

While it is true that private schools are more expensive than public schools, one needs to put that into perspective. For instance, Catholic schools tend to charge tuition fees of around $4,500-$6,000 per student, per year. That is less than what a public school spends a year on educating one child, yet the private schools provide the better education, not to mention greater opportunities.

For more than four decades people have been attempting to remedy the problems faced by public schools. Many parents are beginning to feel that it is more than enough time. If the public school system has not been fixed yet, they reason, then clearly those running them are not up to the task of ensuring that children receive the best possible education. After all, they really do deserve nothing less.

For some the outlook appears to be very bleak, with not much hope of seeing the public school education system improving anytime soon, if ever. While the cost of enrolling your child in a private school might seem like a daunting prospect, you are not without options. For Catholic families Catholic schools are the obvious choice. These often provide financial assistance in some way, shape or form. The point of the matter is that financial aid can be found to help you pay for your child's education. It is important to investigate the options that are available to you. Discuss them with the schools you are interested in, and follow up on the leads that they provide.

Of course, one must take into account that there are public schools in our country that do strive to provide the best service they can to their students. Many are staffed by exceptionally dedicated individuals who seek to provide each child with a quality education. Unfortunately, for many, this is frustratingly impossible due to lack of funds and so on. In the end it is the children who suffer.

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